We curate more conscious products, to create a more conscious world.

We're dedicated to curating a collection of ethical and sustainable brands. This conscious thinking is part of every decision we make. It’s about giving people a more sustainable choice, without taking away their choice of products.


Our brands

Many of our swimwear brands — such as Funkita and Funky Trunks — are breathing new life into the ocean by reusing plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets and other nylons. Our technical compression clothing partner, BASE Compression, is restorative and regenerative by design. And we’re always looking to work with ethical brands unafraid to disrupt conventions.  

Our beliefs 

“Optimists do more simply because they believe they can. This positivity is contagious – spreading its way through organisations, communities and wider society.”

- Reece Rackley
Chief Executive Officer



In addition to partnering with ethical, conscious brands, we’re working towards becoming a zero-emissions organisation. But we know we can always do more. So we’ll continue contributing to projects that help us in our journey. 



Powered by City Venue Management, we’re playing our part in being a positive force within our local communities.



We’re driven by strong values shared by everyone in our business. We also benefit from the guidance of an exceptional advisory board. With their support, we continue to improve.

We practice conscious behaviour 
to inspire conscious action. 

Our brands empower active lifestyles. Yet to inspire true, conscious action, we lead by example. By living our values — rather than just preaching them — we can help others make an even greater impact. 

Project 166 

Done right, tree planting is one of our most effective solutions to the current climate crisis. But the numbers required to reverse carbon emitted by human activity are staggering. So much so, the data often overwhelms people into becoming disillusioned and inactive. 

Which is why we became a founding member of Project 166 — an Australian carbon sequestration and land restoration initiative. In collaboration with other organisations, we’re committed to regenerating land in Oman-ama located in the Goondiwindi Region.