BASE Youth Long Sleeve Compression Tee - White


The Youth BASE Long Sleeve Compression Tee in white will regulate your body temperature more than conventional fabrics. Chest, back, and arm muscular support, reduced chafing with flat-lock seams, reduced muscle fatigue and risk of injury are just some benefits of this garment.

Designed with an exclusive high-quality Nylon and Lycra fabrication for breathability, durability, and body temperature regulation, it's your only Base Layer.

The Youth BASE Long Sleeve Compression Tee fabric is hard-wearing, versatile lightweight, and has great retention. This garment can be worn whilst competing or even part of a uniform. 

BASEGRIP on the hem stops riding up, allowing movement versatility. Sleeves have added thumbholes as an option as well.

For best fit, go larger. For example, if you are between an 8 and a 10,  go to a 10.

At BASE we take an essentialist approach to design, meaning that every feature has a purpose and no distractions for you.

Your Base compression will arrive in biodegradable packaging that will break down after 72 days, 90 days for the zip lock component.
15-20 mmHg - MEDIUM 

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