Charm Armour Single Strap

$63 $90

Single strap one piece with strappy V shaped back. Excellent durability and freedom of movement with single bind finish and an open back that will flatter your sporty shape. With full front lining, this is the perfect style for those long hours of training in the pool.

Made from our exclusive C-Infinity fabric, a 100% Italian polyester that is a colourful breakthrough in chlorine resistant fabric technology! The superior choice for swimmers, C-Infinity has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. Ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance based swimming.

Our skills as part-time historians have proved beneficial as we recently determined that armour worn during the Dark Ages was actually a primitive racing suit for soldiers to wear for swimming in the ancient Olympic Games. The metal channelling in the armour, that we’ve replicated in our own prints today, helped streamline the soldiers so they could sink to the bottom of the pool the fastest in their heavy armour.



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