BASE Women's Compression Tights

The Women's BASE TECH COMPRESSION TIGHT will stay cooler than most conventional fabrics. With contoured panels, muscle support, reduced chafing, reduced muscle fatigue and risk of injury are just some benefits of this garment.

Designed with an exclusive high-quality Nylon and Lycra fabrication for breathability, durability, and body temperature regulation, it's your only Base Layer.

Muscle oscillation is the muscle movement that happens when vibrations occur as your foot hits the ground. BASE Compression can limit this vibration and can prevent trauma to the muscles. The BASE TECH COMPRESSION TIGHT reduces muscle fatigue and damage, helping you train longer. Graduated compression promotes circulation and aids in a faster recovery. Reflective logos are added to ensure greater safety in low-light conditions. 

We take an essentialist approach to design, meaning that every feature has a purpose, no distractions for you.

Your Base compression will arrive in biodegradable packaging that will breakdown after 72 days, 90 days for the zip lock component.

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